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Extrema's Next Platform Stairlifts at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome make the Vip Area accessible


Quality stadiums need to be accessible, and UEFA sees this as a factor not to be underestimated

UEFA also addresses the issue of accessibility in its “Guide to Quality Stadiums”.

There are still many stadiums that need a restyling that will make all public areas and entertainment areas truly and fully accessible to spectators with disabilities.

Architectural barriers violate the principles of dignity, liberty and equality of our legal order because they prevent people from moving freely, not only for people with disabilities but also for the elderly, wheelchair users and anyone who has difficulty moving . Therefore, the barriers must be broken down!

With this in mind, the project “Let's overcome the obstacles” was recently restarted at the Olimpico in Rome, a service created by the club to transfer to the stadium all Giallorossi fans with motor disabilities who need a wheelchair to facilitate.

The Club has also planned the positioning of some Extrema stairlifts to make certain areas of Vip Area more usable (thanks to M.G. COSTRUZIONI TECNOLOGICHE S.R.L.)       
ExtremaExtrema's Next platform stairlifts at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome