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Here is the installation of Slim in the beautiful Naxos


Slim's installation in a Naxos school

Do you want to discover the installation of the Slim platform stairlift on the beautiful Greek island of Naxos? Here it is! 

Slim is the ideal choice for public settings

Slim is the elegant stairlift with a minimalist design, which perfectly blends into the architecture and original style of its installation setting. We have installed Slim in this school, since this model is best suited for public settings, measuring the platforms up to 1250x800 mm and having a load capacity up to 300 kg. 

Its top-quality safety equipment is particularly valuable: the innovative electronic system allows to constantly monitor the operational status, significantly simplifies diagnostics and allows maintenance technicians to customise the main parameters according to the user’s needs, at any time.  

Check out the photos of Slim installed in a school in Naxos, Greece.