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Here is the Sirio home lift installed in Sundern, Germany


Do you want to discover how Sirio has been installed in a showroom in Sundern, Germany? There it is!

Sirio is the vertical platform lift ideal for transporting people from and to several floors. It is always tailormade, adapting perfectly to even the smallest environments. Sirio can serve up to 10 stops in total safety!

The versatility of its electronic system allows for many adaptations, such as integration with the most various systems normally present in a building (with the fire alarm system, with lighting, with other doors close to the lift, etc.) , or different solutions for communicating with the outside, or even forced ventilation systems inside the shaft or in the cabin.

This peculiarity of Sirio also enables to provide personalized or restricted authorization for access by people inside the housing units, through solutions such as keyboards with digitable code or smart keys.

Even aesthetically, Sirio is the ideal lift for those looking for solutions that adapt to the design and style of the environment in which the platform lift is installed. The wide choice of construction materials and customized finishes, including different types of stainless steel and glass, guarantee a great variety of aesthetic combinations concerning cabins, doors, frames, etc. Sirio also allows you to install insulating doors at the floors, thus ensuring perfect insulation in case direct access inside the building.

See here how Sirio was installed in the modern headquarters of our historical partner, Ango Reha-Technik, in Sundern, Germany. The Sirio home lift connects the ground floor (offices and warehouses) to the upper floor of the building, which is used as a showroom. You can also see how the platform lift adapts perfectly to modernity and care for the interiors.