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Installation of our Next platform in Edessa


Here is the installation of our Next platform lift in a city hall in Edessa.

Next is the only existing inclined platform lift to be available in a few days. Silent and simple to use, it is equipped with a touch board control for an easy and safe travel. Next it is also characterized by an elegant and fine design, making it suitable for both sophisticated and/or institutional environments, just like the city hall in Edessa that we are about to show you.

Installation of the Next platform lift in a city hall in Edessa

Edessa is a city in the northern part of Greece and here is a Next platform installed in the city hall by our partner Prospelasi. Here are some pictures of the excellent job done by the installers, testifying the great versatility of this platform in any environment without compromising the design nor the functionality.

As you may see, Next is suitable for installation in public places, even in the most elegant and institutional ones.