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Installation of Slim in Thiva in the Archaeological Museum


We are in Greece, this time in Thiva, at the "Ancient Museum of Thiva"

Do you have a very tight space and are you looking for a space-saving Stairlift? This is how we meet this need!
We are in Greece, and precisely in Thiva, in the “Ancient Museum of Thiva”, an archaeological museum. Slim ensures accessibility to the upper floor via an external staircase, the space available was limited and the customer wanted as little space as possible to be taken up by the installation! 
Hence Slim, the least bulky stairlift on the market; not having a traction unit on board, the Slim platform requires minimal space along the entire staircase. In addition, Slim is quiet while in operation and very comfortable for riders.  
These are the photos of Slim’s installation and the final result in the Ancient Museum of Thiva, in Greece.