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Installation of the inclined platform Lift logic in Finland [benefits & advantages]


Here is the installation of the Logic stair platform lift! Discover its advantages and look at this real case: the installation of Logic in Finland.

The Logic inclined platform lift is the optimal solution for overcoming straight stairs. It integrates perfectly into the architectural environment where it is installed, thanks to its essential and refined design, the watertight wiring and the particular painting treatment. Below you can see the elegance of this Logic installation in Turku, Finland.

Customized rails and supporting stanchions have been made. The target? Being able to fix them to the side of the steps and thus not occupying the space along the ramp. You will be surprised to know that the assembly time was short.

Why choose the installation of the stairlift Logic

The Logic stairlift ensures you important advantages in the delivery, installation and effectiveness of your work:
  • it is available for delivery in just 10 working days. This is possible thanks to the modular concept of the Logic Stairlift;
  • installation times are very fast;
  • the product can be adapted to individual situations and specific circumstances;
  • it complies with current EU regulations.

Our plus

We guarantee you a support and assistance service in every phase of contact with us: before your purchase, during and after. Our commercial and technical assistance is timely and effective. Our aim? Support your work and improve people’s lives.

The advantages of the inclined platform lift Logic

The Logic stairlift has valuable functional and aesthetic advantages also for your end customer. Here are the most important:
  • Logic continues to operate even in the event of a blackout thanks to the rechargeable batteries;
  • safety is a top priority. If the platform encounters an obstacle on its way, the devices of the Logic stairlift are activated and ensure that it stops;
  • opening and closing the platform is simple and automatic;
  • the design is elegant. Because the eye also wants its part.