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Installing Logic at the aeroscopia museum in Toulouse (France)


Could a place dedicated to history and culture not care about people’s accessibility? Certainly not, as demonstrated (also) by the attention shown to this topic by the Aeroscopia Museum in Toulouse, France. The choice shown here was to install the Logic inclined platform lift to ensure mobility for people in an easy and effortless way, without ever compromising the aesthetic refinement of the place. A double goal well achieved. Here’s how!

Here’s why Logic was installed in Toulouse

Logic is the best inclined platform lift on the market for straight staircases and suitable for outdoor installation. The construction materials, in fact, allow safe installation even outdoors, where the platform is exposed to all types of atmospheric agents, without this compromising its good functioning or aesthetic pleasantness. Its elegant design is also an important winning feature of Logic, which adapts perfectly even to the aesthetics of the most refined environments, without compromising their beauty or harmony.

There is also another quality which has given Logic the reward of being installed at the Aeroscopia Museum in Toulouse: its flexibility. The modular concept of the rails, in fact, allows the lift to be easily installed even without a specific project drawing and, therefore, without the need for an accurate survey on the place of installation.

Logic is also ready for delivery in a few working days, another peculiarity which in Toulouse worked in favour of the lift designed for straight staircases and installation in outdoor environments.