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Installing Next in a prestigious office in Istanbul


An elegant and refined office in Istanbul and the need to guarantee mobility for people on several floors, without compromising the aesthetics of the place. The best solution? Next, the platform stair lift available in just 10 working days from the day of order.

Why Next?

Our constant goal is to offer you solutions capable of responding to specific needs and in the best possible way. What you see in the photo is Next stair lift installed in a prestigious office in Istanbul. Our partners’ need was to ensure excellent and easy mobility for people, in order to be free to move easily from floor to floor of the building. At the same time, it was also very important for the customer to preserve the aesthetic refinement which characterises a prestigious environment like this.

Together, we felt that Next was simply the best solution. Why is that? The following three are most important reasons:
  • the motorised platform stair lift helps the mobility of people – workers and visitors – on several floors and does so in a comfortable and easy way;
  • the design of the platform is elegant and refined, perfectly in line with that of the office located in Istanbul;
  • the platform is available in just 10 working days from the day of order. This factor accelerates the solution of the problem and is a great reward for the customer.
In addition, Next has a comfortable on-board touch button panel that allows ergonomic movement of the platform. Just touch with your finger or hand on the directional arrows affixed to the luminous platform and Next will automatically move in the desired direction. Nothing easier!