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It’s now available the Door Frame for Sirio Vertical Platform Lift

Sirio Vertical Platform Lift Upgrade

It’s now available for Sirio vertical platform lift the door frame, which can be combined with automatic sliding doors with standard frame (120 mm jambs and 238 mm heads).

The door frame is made up of telescopic elements that allow “embracing” walls with different thicknesses and, above all, it represents the ideal solution in cases where the wall is out of plumb. The particular joining system between the single pieces enables carrying out the assembly in about 15 minutes for each door. Delivery can be made together with the doors.

The advantages of the door frame in a nutshell:

•    Easily installed in a short time
•    Out of plumb walls are not a problem
•    It can also be assembled when works are finished with  the landing already painted
•    No final cleaning with doors installed