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Logic is ready for delivery!


Logic is the platform stairlift for overcoming straight staircases which is characterized by the modular concept of the rails. This peculiarity makes the stairlift available for delivery in a few days and can be installed for immediate delivery. How does this come? Logic has been designed to facilitate stock management, i.e. the availability in the warehouse of several pieces at a time and not specifically for an acquired order. That’s why, once purchased and delivered, you can place Logic in your warehouse and guarantee immediate availability to your customers.

The features of Logic, always available for prompt delivery

How can a stairlift always be available for immediate delivery? Thanks to the ductility it was conceived with:
  • the installation is symmetrical, this means that there is only one version for installation both for the right and the left side of the staircase and does not require to have in the warehouse a quantity of lifts for the right side and also for the left side;
  • there is only one version for installation regardless of whether the stairlift is installed indoor or  outdoor. And even in this case, it is not necessary to have in stock lifts for indoor and lifts for outdoor;
  • the legs are telescopic, ie they are always the same and are not dedicated to a specific order;
  • no need to make accurate surveys on the installation site or specific project drawings;
  • the packages can be stacked up to 3 units, allowing you to save on transport costs.
Thanks to all of these peculiarities of Logic, you can always have the desired number of complete units in stock, thus being able to install them ready for delivery, even the day after your customer’s order.