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Next, the platform stairlift with the rapid delivery and the best experience of use


Platform stairlifts usually take several months to be available from the date of the order. In fact, customized production for the specific customer scale is a complex operation, which requires the right and necessary time.

Next is the only and innovative platform stairlift that can be available in just 10 days from the order. How can delivery be so fast? Thanks to the innovative concept of the rail system. A part of the components can be pre-produced and, therefore, is immediately available in the warehouse. In addition, our innovative software facilitates the realization of the project drawing.

All the advantages of Next

The curved platform stairlift with the shortest delivery time on the market also has other very important advantages both for installers and for the experience it can offer users. The goal is to improve people’s quality of life.

The convenient on-board touch button allows the ergonomic movement of the platform. All you need to do is simply place your fingers or hand on the luminous ascent and descent arrows on the touchpad, without even having to exert pressure, and the platform will move.

What happens in case of a failure? Or in case of a blackout? Next continues to work anyway, always. In the first case, the motorized emergency movement from on board comes into action, which – in case of failure – avoids the use of external manual tools. In the second case, the battery system ensures operation of the platform stairlift even in the event of an electrical blackout. Therefore, no stop.

Manage Next directly from the application

The benefits of Next are not over yet. Did you know that you can manage Next quickly and easily directly from the application for smartphones and tablets? Thanks to the app, once you have connected to Next’s Wi-Fi, you can move the platform, open or close it, set the settings and view the diagnostic information. Everything from your device, in a safe, fast and practical way. And also in real time.

Next is the curved platform stairlift that guarantees you the best efficiency and the fastest availability.