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Our values

Federico Lodi - Chairman & CEO Extrema
Extrema creates solutions for improving people’s accessibility and mobility in private homes, schools, hospitals and generally in spaces where there is a need and desire to make access easier for everyone, with no exceptions.
What we aspire to achieve at Extrema is to change the quality of people’s lives which is why, from the very start, we have placed great importance on focusing on the management of “Tailor-Made” products.
Each machine is, in fact, designed to meet the needs of both the users and the installation site.

We currently have commercial partners in over 30 countries worldwide; these partnerships are based on actively listening to the feedback that they send from the field.
This allows us to continually improve not only our solutions, but ourselves as well and thus grow with them.

We believe, in general, that everyone should contribute to the development of ideas; first and foremost, our in-house colleagues, plus our clients, suppliers and basically everyone we interact with.
And it’s exactly this type of contribution that led to the creation of Next! Next is a platform stairlift used to transport a wheelchair user which is a little different from other products currently on the market.
One of its signature features is its module guide that, paired with an on-line technical product configurator, allows Next to be delivered in a matter of days, whereas delivery of a platform stairlift for stairs with curves normally takes up to 2 months.


To be the excellent and innovative reality that creates belonging through constant listening to feedbacks, to experience continuous improvements inside and outside the company, in order to grow the value of the partnership with humility and passion, achieving collective well-being and the highest recognition of usefulness and uniqueness for People.


To be the reference company for accessibility in terms of excellence and uniqueness with the aim of changing people's quality of life.


Always put ourselves in the perspective of confrontation.

Achieve both concrete and personal results to feel really helpful and useful.

Feeling that being the people of Extrema makes a difference. Everyone looks in the same direction.

Ability to always see improvement. Excellence is not perfection.

Living and feeling the emotion from within, thanks to which we overcome the difficulties and hard times.
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