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What post-assembly tests do you perform on your Inclined Platform Lifts?

Operational testing, find out what it involves.

Extrema has more than 20 years’ experience designing and manufacturing inclined platform lifts and vertical lifts in Italy, investing in the value of excellence intended as the ability to constantly identify opportunities for improvement.
Post-assembly operational testing of Inclined Platform Lift - Label ApplicationPost-assembly operational testing of Inclined Platform Lift - Label Application
With this in mind, thanks to the collaboration of 3 different Extrema departments, specifically Service dedicated to after-sales support, Research & Development committed to identifying the best solutions for accessibility, and Quality, a team of specialists responsible for the quality control of products, a machine testing system has been developed able to intercept and prevent minor malfunctions with the aim of delivering a “state-of-the-art” product to the end customer. Testing, (or “collaudo” in Italian, derived from the Latin word “cum-laude” meaning “state of the art”), indicates a series of operations aimed at verifying the proper operation of a product before its use. 

A post-assembly operational testing system has been implemented since May and specifically applied to our inclined platform lifts. 

All of our machines, once they reach the “end of the line”, are essentially subjected to continuous cycles that faithfully reproduce their operation by users. 

Any defects, anomalies or malfunctions encountered are promptly remedied or corrected by our specialised Production staff, while R&D and Quality seize the opportunity to identify and implement all necessary improvement actions from supply to engineering to the finished product.

This is just one of the measures recently introduced by our Quality Assurance Department, which aims to enhance the quality control of our plants.
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