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Sirio in a Historic Building in Toulouse


Sirio, Lifting Platform with Glass Cabin, installed in a Historic Building in the Historic Center of Toulouse

Toulouse, a place of indisputable charm in Southern France, is crossed by the Garonne River and is located near the Spanish border. Second university city in France and a famous tourist destination, it is known as "La Ville Rose" (The Pink City) for the terracotta bricks used in the construction of many of its buildings. In one of these historic buildings was installed a Sirio with glass cabin.

Tailor-made to occupy a very small space and with a transparent cabin to give more breath to the environment, the installation of the Sirio elevator was artfully done with standard timing, although working on a historic building requires attention and experience.

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10 Things to do in Toulouse

Building in Toulouse in Rue des Changes - Rue Peyras where the Sirio Lifting Platform was installedBuilding in Toulouse in Rue des Changes - Rue Peyras where the Sirio Lifting Platform was installed
There are so many wonderful things to do in Toulouse. Here you will find some tips:
  1. First of all, the local cuisine is full of unique flavors. It deserves a long chapter. Try all the specialties: Cassoulet, pork, confit of duck and beans from the Tarn and, especially, sausage from Toulouse. The Maigret sec, aged duck breast. Fritons, the snack that is more addictive than popcorn. These are lightly salted duck cracklings, to be munched with an aperitif. Furthermore, artisanal foie gras, sausages and more or less “fragrant” cheeses with crunchy baguettes and local wines cannot fail to be tested. Proposals for strong stomachs that can be prepared for with long walks within the city or along the river. You can add a stop by going to the pastry shop for chocolates and fénétra, a cake filled with jam, covered with a sort of almond and candied lemon meringue.
  2. Meditate on a deck chair in the Jacobins cloister.
  3. Go shopping on rue Croix Baragno.
  4. Dream about space. There is an aerospace Toulouse, not just a pink Toulouse. It is the Toulouse headquarters of Airbus, it is La Cité de l’Espace, it is a place of research and experimentation and meta-historical reflection on the dream of flight.
  5. Find out more about Saint-Exupéry, the author of the Little Prince was a postal pilot. In Toulouse, international and intercontinental air mail was invented. The one that at the beginning of the century, like Société des lignes Latécoère, flew on biplanes. That eternalized in beautiful stamps. It is also possible to book the almost identical Room No. 32 of the Hotel du Grand Balcon where the writer was staying.
  6. Admire a mosaic. Many floors, simple thresholds of hotels or shops, are mosaic.
  7. Discover tango and let yourself be enchanted by its music: there is a time of year, in early summer, when various places in Toulouse become a milonga.
  8. You will finally find out what the language of Oc is. Do you remember at school, the language of oil and the language of Oc? The language of Oc, Occitan, is still a spoken heritage. There are bilingual schools. And on the street ... you understand from the road signs, that toponymy is bilingual.
  9. Do you know what an Occitan cross is like? Here you can find out. It has 4 equal arms (like the seasons) and 12 points (like the months or the zodiac signs), the Occitan cross is the symbol of the region and appears almost everywhere.
  10. At the end of the day you cannot miss a moment of relax along the Garonne river.

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