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Inclined platform lift – for stairs with curves

Technical details

Power0,75 ÷2,2 kW
Optional Folding seat with seat belt. Wander lead with cord for attendant control (available the version with joystick as well). Flashing light. Cover in 2 sizes: short, touch-sensitive, and long. Supports for floor call station. 2-ways emergency call system (GSM module).
Minimum Stair Width895
Platform dimensions (min/max)750×600 mm / 1250×800 mm
Maximum load capacity250 Kg standard – 300 Kg optional
Max. gradient0° – 55°
Min. overall dimensions with platform closed305 mm
Minimum rail overall dimensions95 mm
Soft-start and soft-stop systemstandard
Slow down at bendsstandard


Slim is an inclined platform lift for staircases with curves especially suitable for installation in tight spaces.

Unlike the other products on the market, Slim has no traction unit onboard, minimising the space occupied by the platform. Slim is also silent when functioning and comfortable for the user.

Slim is, in fact, the most compact inclined platform lift on the market.

With its simple, elegant design, Slim blends perfectly into the original style and architecture of its installation context.

Special priority is given to safety features, naturally always at the top of their class: the innovative electronic system allows to keep constant track of the state of functioning, it considerably simplifies diagnostics and allows the installer to customize the main parameters according to the user’s needs at any time.

What’s more, the lift’s exceptional reliability and versatility also allow the creation of special installations able to deal with steep gradients, curves on the inside or outside of the staircase, rapid changes in gradient and winder treads, providing the best service in any situation.


This is a platform lift for curved stairs.
Automatic platform folding and unfolding from the floor remote controls, possible "one touch" setting - platform closes and opens with one touch (if the site conditions comply with the norm requirements).
- grey, the 'Neutral' for easy matching
- RAL colours available on request
- design and Italian production
- designed for the smallest possible footprint

With rope traction system.
The non-integrated motor makes Slim quieter and more comfortable on board than many systems on the market.

Solutions that facilitate independence in use:
Touch controls, activated without exerting particular pressure.
Clearly visible arrows, designed for intuitive use.

Slim can be fitted even on very narrow staircases (min width required 895 mm).
The safety barriers open automatically when the lift reaches the floor.
In the closed position more space is available for passage, thanks to the careful study of details.
Various platform sizes are available to accommodate different types and sizes of wheelchairs and to serve as many stair configurations as possible.

Thanks to sensitive edges the electronics can recognise the obstacle and allow reversal of the direction of travel to clear the path safely.
The dashboard display shows simple and immediate information about the operating status of the machine.
Your Stair lift can be customised with dedicated accessories:
- seat with or without belt
- frontal access ramp
- flashing beacon
- wander lead for attendant control
- instruction plate
- outdoor protective covers in two sizes: one smaller only for the control panel (touch-sensitive for the touch function) and a larger one covering the entire stair lift

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