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Slim protagonist of the installation in a building of Khalkis


We are in Greece, in the city of Khalkis for a simple and minimal installation

Slim has an elegant and minimalist design, perfectly blends with the surrounding architectures and décor, as in this installation in Khalkis.  
With its quiet operation and high level of comfort for riders, Slim is a stairlift system with a platform suitable for curved staircases, and, in particular, for installations in very narrow spaces. 
Its high reliability and flexibility of use also allow the installation of special systems that can overcome steep slopes, curves on the internal or external turn of a staircase, rapid changes in slope and winder threads, thus offering an ideal service in every situation. 

Here are the project photos: as you can see, Slim perfectly blends into its installation setting thanks to its simple and minimalist design, and is ideal for installations in a contemporary décor.