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Stairlift Slim, the best for narrow stairs and low bulkhead. Now with load capacity increased up to 300 kg!


Do you know what is the best solution to ensure the mobility of all people even in the presence of narrow stairs and low bulkhead? Slim, the most compact platform stairlift on the market today and which now also has an increased load capacity. The new option for the stairlift Slim allows you to reach a maximum capacity of 300 kg.

The characteristics of the stairlift Slim

The distinctive feature of Slim is the absence of the drive unit on board. This peculiarity allows you to limit and minimize the space occupied by the platform. Installable both indoors and outdoors, Slim is ideal for:
  • Stairs with bends;
  • Particularly narrow stairs;
  • low bulkheads.
Its cable traction system guarantees important advantages compared to traditional rack systems:
  • it can be installed on both sides of the ladder;
  • it adapts to small rooms;
  • it is silent in operation;
  • it is comfortable for the person on board;
  • the control panel is easily accessible, favoring the user.
Not only. Slim’s design is elegant and essential and the innovative electronic system allows to constantly monitor the operating status of the stairlift. This makes diagnosing problems much easier and allows you to customize the parameters according to the needs of the people who use it.

The features of the new option for the stairlift Slim

The Stairlift Slim can be fixed to the wall or by means of uprights and today it is the most compact platform that the market can offer. The new option has been designed to guarantee a greater load capacity, which can reach 300 kg.

What are the technical features of the new option for Stairlift Slim?
  • The reinforced structure for the lift body;
  • the dedicated reinforced platform;
  • an increase in the number of fasteners on the step or wall along the entire route.
It is thanks to these innovative and safe techniques that we can guarantee higher performance and a flexible and reliable system.