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The app for Next: discover the most effective management solution


The App for Next: what is it? What is it for? Discover its valuable utilities in this post!

The App for Next: what is it? What is it for? Discover its valuable utilities in this post!
Next is the latest generation platform stairlift available for delivery in a few working days, unlike what happens for other systems dedicated to the ergonomic movement of people. But do you know that Next also guarantees you another important and exclusive advantage?

With Next you have the possibility to control the platform in a practical and fast way directly from your smartphone. And in real time. We explain how!

The application for Next is available for both Android and IOS and allows you to connect the platform directly to your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi, thanks to a module that is installed inside the machine body. You just have to connect your device to the Next Wi-Fi network and everything will be ready for use: nothing more practical and easy!

Once the application is installed, you can control the platform directly from your mobile device, managing its opening, closing, ascent and descent. Practically, you can perform all the functions available to the floor push-button controls. The advantage is that to make the platform act, you will no longer necessarily have to press the physical buttons on the standard push-button controls, but you can do it thanks to the slight pressure that the smartphone screen allows you.

Another valuable advantage guaranteed by the use of the app for Next is that you will have a complete diagnostic system at your disposal, which will allow you – for example – to monitor the operating status of Next and you can do it in real-time. moreover, you can also consult the history of all the warnings shown: very useful and requested function.

As you can see from these images, the application interface for Next is really easy and intuitive. Nothing complicated!

And that’s not all yet, because thanks to the application, the authorized service centers – who are provided with the protected access key to the specially dedicated area – can safely modify some of the Next configuration parameters and can do it directly on the installation site. In this way they have the possibility to customize Next functions according to the specific needs of the person who will use the platform. Nothing better to meet and respond to the needs of users.