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The MRL Version of Sirio: No more external component


The Sirio MRL version eliminates any type of external component to the elevator shaft and it is ideal for buildings where spaces are limited. Discover the MRL version of Sirio!

The acronym MRL means machine room less. The MRL version of Sirio allows you to have no external component in the system: everything necessary for the operation of the elevator is contained inside the compartment. This is a very important advantage if you need to install a vertical platform in buildings with cramped and confined spaces, or simply if you do not want to provide dedicated technical spaces, such as those for the hydraulic unit or the electrical panel.
As you can see, the MRL version of Sirio consists of:
  • a vertical electrical panel, positioned next to the landing door;
  • a remote module for manual operation, always next to the door;
  • a small-sized control unit positioned inside the compartment.
In this way the technical compartment disappears and this advantage allows you to avoid any type of encumbrance outside the elevator compartment. A precious opportunity for small premises. We also remind you that Sirio is designed and made to measure, taking advantage of every millimeter of available space. The mini-elevator is silent and comfortable, characterized by an elegant design and attention to detail.