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The stair platform lift for outdoor: here is the installation of Logic in Marathon


Discover the best stairlift for outdoor environment!

Do you need mobility solutions that are suitable for the outdoor environment? The answer is Logic, the stairlift designed for straight stairs and projected to be exposed to heat, rain and wind without being damaged. Here’s what Logic’s secret is!

The secret of Logic, the platform stairlif for outdoor

The materials that Logic is made with make it the best solution for the installation of stairlift outdoors. In particular, the stairlift is able to withstand bad weather thanks to:
  • anodized aluminum rails;
  • waterproof wiring;
  • ferrous materials treated with cataphoresis and powder painting;
  • stainless steel screws.
In addition, battery operation allows the use of Logic even in the event of a blackout. We will show you a real case of installation of the stairlift outdoors.

Other advantages of Logic

In addition to being the best solution for the outdoor environment, Logic also has many other important advantages. The stairlift for straight stairs is made with a modular conception of the rails, a peculiarity that makes the delivery possible in a few working days. And again, the stairlift safety devices ensure that the platform stops in the event that you encounter unexpected obstacles on its travel. In addition, the motorization of the platform and the protection bars make closing and opening operations automatic and simple.

Here is the installation of Logic in Marathon

Here we are in Marathon, Greece, and our local partner Prospelasi has installed Logic in the external environment of a beautiful private villa.