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The vertical home lift Sirio


The vertical home lift Sirio Extrema DortmundThe vertical home lift Sirio Extrema Dortmund
The vertical home lift Sirio is the solution chosen for a primary school in Dortmund to allow the classes on the upper floor accessible for everybody.

The red colour chosen for the steel shaft blends in well with the school context. Sirio is indeed extensively configurable thanks to the wide range of options and colours available for the client.

In this project, Sirio connects only two floors but can serve up to 8 floors in total safety, respecting and preserving the architectural features of the environment where it is inserted.

Comfortable and quiet in operation, adaptable, reliable and economical in consumption, these are just some of the features of the Sirio home lift.
Many thanks to Ango-Lifte, Extrema’s local dealer.