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The request is clear, the time is short! Here is the record installation of Next in Spain


Here is the installation of the Next stairlift in a private school in Spain. 
The only one available for delivery in just a few days! It has an elegant and refined design, ideal for both the most sophisticated and the most institutional settings. 

The installation of the NEXT Stairlift in a private school in Spain

We are in Spain, in a private school, where we have installed the Next stairlift. 
Why Next? Because it is the only one available for delivery in a few days and the school required the installation to be completed before the students returned to school from the Christmas holidays. 

Here are the images of the project, realized in real time thanks to the automatic online configurator, and of the final installation. 
Quick delivery, colour display, Touch on-board push-button panel, and App for Smartphone and tablets are just some of the exclusive features of Next. See for yourself!