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Who we are

Federico Lodi - Chairman & CEO - Extrema
Extrema creates solutions for improving people’s accessibility and mobility in private homes, schools, hospitals and generally in spaces where there is a need and desire to make access easier for everyone, with no exceptions.
What we aspire to achieve at Extrema is to change the quality of people’s lives which is why, from the very start, we have placed great importance on focusing on the management of “Tailor-Made” products. Each machine is, in fact, designed to meet the needs of both the users and the installation site.

Francesco Zordan - Operations Manager - Extrema
At Extrema, we have a very clear vision: to improve people’s quality of life by increasing their mobility and autonomy.
Each solution, both product and process, is designed, developed and created in-house because Extrema believes in the value of people, namely the contribution that each and everyone of us can bring to our company in terms of knowledge, skills and passion, to continually improve our team effort.
Anyone who chooses Extrema can count on these values.

Ilario De Biasi - R&D Manager - Extrema
At Extrema, people come first, which gives us the best opportunity to grow and express the creativity which is key to my job, together with my team, in R&D.
Being particularly attentive and sensitive towards the customers who use our products out of necessity, is what gives us the incentive to channel our enthusiasm into research and thus develop new solutions that can meet their needs and improve their quality of life.
As a result, we are gradually setting ourselves apart from our competitors, in terms of quality, customisation, design details and research into innovative materials and technologies.
Extrema S.r.l. is a modern and dynamic company based in Bagnolo S. Vito (Mantua-Italy), specialised in the design and realisation of instruments for eliminating architectural barriers, in other words obstacles that prevent people with reduced mobility from moving freely.

Extrema’s goal is simple and clear: to realise stairlifts and vertical platforms lifts of the highest quality using the latest technology, to give the customer the best possible solution to solve problems associated with accessibility also in the presence of particularly restricted spaces.

The company consists of a young and highly motivated Team, following the Extrema philosophy with a passion: to realise goals through full and constant customer satisfaction.


To be the excellent and innovative reality that creates belonging through constant listening to feedbacks, to experience continuous improvements inside and outside the company, in order to grow the value of the partnership with humility and passion, achieving collective well-being and the highest recognition of usefulness and uniqueness for People.


To be the reference company for accessibility in terms of excellence and uniqueness with the aim of changing people's quality of life.