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Why was our Slim stairlift installed here?


We will take you to Spain and tell you why our partner has decided to install the Slim stairlift in an outdoor environment!

We are in a beautiful building in Vilanova del Vallès (Spain), where Slim was installed in a green and characteristic outdoor environment, the stairlift designed for curved staircases, also suitable for outdoor and very narrow environments. Slim is the most discreet stairlift on the market, it is elegant and essential and fits perfectly with the architecture and design of the environment where it is installed.

Look and observe carefully this installation of the Slim stairlift in Spain.

Why was our slim stairlift installed here?

As you can see from these photos taken in Vilanova del Vallès, our partner has chosen the Slim stairlift for installation in the outdoor environment of the building. For what reasons did the choice fall on Slim? It is easy to say!
  • Because Slim can be installed both indoors and outdoors. The rails and posts are treated with hot galvanizing to ensure the protection of materials also after many years of use and even if exposed to the elements of the external environment.
  • Slim, as you can well notice by observing the installation in Vilanova del Vallès, is the ideal solution for traveling along irregular sections, characterized by steep slopes, changes in inclination and the presence of internal and / or external curves.

To these two precious characteristics we must add the peculiar elegance of Slim, perfect in every setting and able to integrate into any type of architecture, design and pre-existing furniture.