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The reasons why our after-sale service is excellent

If there is something we believe hardly is the support, the sharing, the collaboration. We think that this is the best way to succeed and satisfy all the necessities. So, beside the quality of the raw materials and the peculiarity of each of our products, since ever we want to complement our offer with an after-sale service really excellent, which could make the difference. In which way? We’ll tell you here!

After-sale service: 3 features for an excellent assistance

Why is our after-sale service really excellent? Here you are 3 good reasons that make the difference!

#1. The phone contact with us is direct

In our team we have professional people with a great experience who are on-call through a direct contact by phone. Do you need our support? No call center, no switchboard, but you’ll have a direct phone number of a specialist who will be able to help you during the installation of our platform lifts and elevators  and during the maintenance.


#2. Same person as your single interlocutor

It can happen that the resolution of a problem can’t be done in one call and that it could need the action of our specialist of the after-sale service also in the following days. Do you know what makes the difference in this case? You’ll have at your disposal the same person, a single interlocutor who will accompany until the effective and concrete resolution of the problem.


#3. We support you with training course, wherever you are

The experts of our after-sale assistance support you continuously with dedicated training course. And what does it happen when travelling is more complicated? Thanks to the remote virtual tours, from our showroom, we can give you the practical demonstration of what previously explained in words. Together step by step, we will allow you to achieve all the technical skills you need for the installation of our products optimally.


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