Screw driven open platform lift

VEGA is a screw driven platform lift with open shaft for the transport of persons, ideal for travels up to 3 meters. VEGA is conceived with a gate on board to accede from the ground floor and a second gate fixed at the higher floor. The open shaft makes the lift simple looking, elegant and easy to be installed.

No building works required. Thanks to the access ramp always included as standard equipment, no excavation for the platform lift is required. Also no bearing wall is required to fasten the lift.

No technical room required. No need of housing for external parts: all Vega components, electrical and mechanical, are embedded inside the lift.

Easy and fast installation. The supplied pre-assembled components make the installation fast and easy.

Flexibility. Vega can be adapted directly on the installation site as for hinge side of the gates and landing side of the platform lift.

Technical details

Maximum load capacity 300 kg
Lifting height 3000 mm max
Platform dimensions 1400×1100
Drive electrical screw driven
Entrance configuration open through or adjacent
Pit 80 mm or no pit, with standard ramp
Electrical consumption 2,2 kW max
Installation indoors/outdoors

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