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Claudio Lodi - CEO Lodi S.p.A.& Extrema
Lodi was founded in 1958. It was Luigi Lodi, the company’s founder, who decided to do something for himself, his family and his town, Fabbrico and so, started his own business. He began with a small artisan workshop, working iron with a hammer and anvil, until it became, 60 years later, a company that now designs and produces parts for the industrial agricultural sector.
The key to Lodi’s success has been to establish itself as a strong presence in the area; it has strong ties with Fabbrico, the community where it first started and, in 2002, the group decided to expand its horizons towards the Mantua area by acquiring Extrema.
The values that showcase Extrema’s acquisition have been important, especially helping others and looking after the environment, so that tradition is continued even in a different sector to ours. The reasons were, as mentioned, to manage and bring our skills and ability to work as a team to this area, not only to Fabbrico and the province of Reggio Emilia, but also to other surrounding areas.
Lodi designs, produces, tests and checks its components so that its products are as perfect as possible for its customers and, therefore, the end users. Internally, we have focused not just on traditional processes required to work metal, but we have also started using automation. We have invested heavily so that our workers can further develop their mental abilities and also learn to use new technologies. Tradition is part of our core values, but we are, above all, looking to the future.

Lodi Group

Extrema is part of Lodi Group, that had been producing light mechanical steelwork for farm machinery and earth-moving machines since 1958 and supplied its products to some of the biggest names in the tractor sector all over the world. This partnership, as well as laying the foundations for the company management, brought a high level of technological Know-how to Extrema, coherent with its goal of total quality.

Thanks to the idea and determination of its founder Luigi, Lodi S.p.A. has evolved, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by a growing economy. The founder’s four sons, Nino, Giuseppe, Enzo and Elios, who have administered the company’s development with great passion, now support their six sons to whom they have left the operational management of a modern 10.000m² establishment (built on a 24.000m² area) with 140 employees.

With four brothers growing their father Luigi’s company, and six grandchildren managing the global market development, it is a story with a particular “Emilian” flavour, in which many family tales and company experiences are wound together.

Their continuous attention to innovation has earned the company the role of supplying their products to the most prestigious world brands in the tractor sector, developing more of a consultancy trajectory and acting as an essential partner for all kinds of mechanical carpentry troubleshooting. All of this is the result of years of work, the Lodi brothers’ experience in the field and the technological know-how of its employees.
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