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Here is the installation of the Vega platform in Switzerland


The best electric platform lift to overcome low height differences without compromising the design of your environment? Here it is! And here you can find the concrete case of an installation in Switzerland.

LThe installation of the Vega platform lift is the best solution if you want to guarantee the mobility of people even for small height differences  – up to 3 meters – and without compromising the architectural aesthetics of the place where it is installed. Vega, in fact, does not require building works. The access ramp supplied as standard makes it possible to house the platform even without excavations. Furthermore, it is not even necessary to provide load-bearing walls for fixation the lift. Find out more by looking at this installation made in Switzerland!

The installation of Vega with a panoramic view of the Swiss Alps

Here in the photo you can see the installation of the Vega electric platform lift at a private home furnished in a modern style and with a panoramic view of the Swiss Alps. One of the priorities of the project was precisely to integrate a mobility platform that had a simple and elegant look, in line with the style of the building and without compromising the beautiful landscape.

As you can see from the images, on the upper floor the door and the closed cabin typical of a standard platform lift have been replaced by the gate. Exactly this allows you to preserve the beautiful panoramic view of the Swiss Alps that the home enjoys.

Another important advantage that has allowed to preserve the beauty of the area and the aesthetics of the building is that Vega does not require any machine room, since every component necessary for its operation is integrated. This also does not make it necessary to obtain any technical room for installing the platform.

Other important advantages of Vega?
  • this platform lift is the ideal solution for overcoming low differences in height, up to 3 meters;
  • the ease and speed of assembly, guaranteed by the supply of the main components, which are already pre-assembled;
  • electric screw driven lift;
  • guaranteed flexibility. Vega, in fact, allows you to modify the handing of the gates and the side you want to install them on board of the platform on the installation site.