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Logic in a condominium in Madrid


This way Juan can leave his house to go and play Mus.

Friends are waiting for Juan at his “peñas”, the club where every week he plays Mus with his team, a card game where you communicate (and bluff) with gestures.

The doctor encouraged him to continue playing despite the fact that moving around became a bit difficult due to the hip operation that forced him on a wheelchair. Though, Mus has so many benefits on himself. It makes him happy because it reminds him of the great challenges with friends during his holidays in the Basque Country. It keeps him fit in body and mind because it is a game of cards and movement. Besides, he is a true champion. Playing Mus is just fine for him. Everyone is delighted to see him play, his gestures seem like a dance. And with cards and counting he really knows how to do it. His teammate Paco is counting on him to win the official tournament of the city of Madrid.

Today he can reach him! Because a Inclined Platform Lift has been installed in his condominium in the centre of Madrid, it will take him over the 7 steps to get out of the house. To get on the Inclined Platform Lift (Logic), he can do it alone because using it is really simple, he smiles because he feels free and can do  what he has always done.

Installation realized by Valida.